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Get any size vehicle. We've displayed ten of the most popular choices. Vehicles are less than 2 years old. There are no large passenger vans (12-15 passengers) and no pick-up trucks.


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Molokai Alamo Car Rental
Molokai Alamo Car Rental

Discount Alamo car rental. We offer the best Alamo car rental prices on Molokai at MKK Airport terminal Hoolehua. No car over 18 months old.

We do not take a credit card or drivers license until you arrive, extra driver free and car insurance is optional.
Call 1-866-666-3304 or use our reservation request form above for the best rates.

If you are visiting Molokai you'll like our rates. We'll get you a price on a current model, reliable car, not a rent a wreck for just a bit more!

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Hey there Molokai vacationer! If you are an enthusiastic and adventurous vacationer, you probably know how exciting it could be to spend some time on the splendid island of Molokai.

Considered as a paradise by most vacationers, Molokai has a lot to offer when it comes to helping you ease yourself from stresses and strains that are commonly brought to you by life. It is worth including this Island in your choices of vacation destinations, but it will be more worthwhile if you will avail car rentals from a booking company like us.

We aim to help you spend the most of your vacation time by giving you the most reliable transportation available. We book cars basically to people who are vacationing or honeymooning on Molokai coming from Western Canada, including British Columbia and the Western United States, such as Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington.

Enjoy your visit to Molokai!

Chevy Spark Economy Car  

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